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Computers in Modern Age

We are living in a scientific age. The star of knowledge has been twinkling everywhere. New and new discoveries as well as inventions have been added to the stock already piled. There are no fields, perhaps, which do not turn them into account. Our lives on the planet have more safety, comfort and convenience than in the past. As a result, manual labor has given way to machines. One of them is the Computer.

The credit of inventing the first (digital) computer goes to Howard Aiken of the U.S.A in 1944. The growth, influence and popularity of these “Artificial Brains” have been immense ever-since. They have set the tone of a new electronic revolution in the century. They are playing a very prominent role in all our lives, whether we know it or not. Business of all kinds is using computers to keep accounts, pay salaries and watch the ups and downs in the stock market. They are part and parcel of schools, the police, banks, armed forces, airships and scientists themselves.

One of the most amazing things about the computer is the speed at which it does calculations. The speed is equal to that of lightning. All kinds of arithmetical processes-Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing- are possible with it. This has therefore rid us of brain-labor considerably.

To think that computers can only work with numbers is not the whole side of the picture. On the contrary, those in 1996 have been performing miracles. A modem computer will play chess, guide a space craft, check finger-prints and draw maps. However, they have to be fed with initial data which they will turn into numbers. But they require only two numbers, “0” and “1”; This is the ‘binary system”, working on electrical current. Their language (Computer language) is a kind of coding and decoding.

As is the case with other devices, the computer too has undergone changes. It can make a robot (a machine programmed to do tasks done by human beings) ready for service. It is the master/brain, controlling robots. The achievements made by the computer and the computer-manned robots are too amazing for us to think about. A man in the remote past visiting this planet will definitely die of shock, when he comes to know about the computer. The twentieth century is an age, and a reign, of computers. A life without them is wholly unthinkable and impossible, in the twenty-first. They combine art and science in themselves.

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